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Winglewich - German for
"Master Of Gardens"! 

Only joking. Nobody knows what it means. 

Owner Sam "Wingle" Winglewich worked his way from being the neighborhood lawn kid to becoming one of the youngest contractors to earn and hold a license in the North Bay, and currently sits as a California Landscape Contractor Association member and a graduate of the QWEL Watersafe landscape program. 


Sam isn't happy leading from the office, and is on the job or the road whenever possible, connecting with customers, networking with contractors, and leading those who work under him by example.


He's excited to see industry and local governments adopt tighter regulations on water usage, codes, and licensure. The landscaping industry has countless individuals working outside the law, free from license dues, insurances, worker's comp or payroll taxes. Sam is proud to run a clean business - everything's already dirty enough in this job! 

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Our 3 Core Tenets

Hiring ANY home improvement company can feel intimidating.

You're trusting a stranger with an enormous responsibility and often, months, possibly years of your savings.

We understand this, and built, what we consider, the best mode of operation, centered around you.  


"If landscaping is unskilled labor, why is it so hard to find excellent landscapers?"


Giving new hires a higher than average starting wage and outfitting them with all the tools and PPE they need results in a fantastic company culture that shows itself in productivity and quality of work. Our earnings raise, uniform patterns, company organization, and truck setups are patterned from public works maintenance careers  - a job fought for in the blue collar world for its culture and employee welfare.

Walk a site, and you'll see the reasons why people want to work here. Smaller crews with assigned trucks stocked with safety gear, fire extinguishers, and med kits.  A clean portable toilet for the big jobs far from town.  Mandatory lunch breaks, and a cooler full of refreshments. Oil fired heaters for cold days. Popup canopies for hot days. A boss that isn't afraid to get dirty, and a crew that loves including the client in discussions. 

Want to become a part of the team? Please contact us - we are ALWAYS seeking new talent.


You will notice we ask a lot of questions and perform a lot of prequalifying work before we even send a bid. We want to understand exactly how you work, so we can work with you. Ask us anything, we're happy to give references, send you material options, or multiple quotes based on various options we believe you'll love. 

Our quotes will always be verbose. You'll know exactly what you're getting, and be able to see the processes we list as the job progresses. 

Once you make the right decision, you're an integral part of the team. You'll never be left wondering what's happening or when it's happening when the crew, leader, and foreman are all on the same page and filling you in as the job progresses. You're free to walk with us on the initial job briefing, sit with us at the safety meeting, and get updates from the crew everyday if you're home. If you're away, we can fill you in on the latest developments each day with email, calls, or facetime. 


 If a change order or an additional charge is necessary, we will swiftly, promptly consult you on the situation. Rethinking a stylistic choice or finding out there's more work to be done than anyone expected DOES happen. We will set clear expectations even when the unexpected happens.


Our terms/conditions page contains links to the CSLB website, where you can learn all about right-to-cancel, what to expect from a good contractor, and even resources to report unlicensed contractors. (We can help you report unlicensed activity free of charge.) 


"Hire local, Buy brick & mortar, source CA Owned, or go without it" 

 History shows voting with your dollar makes the deepest ripple effects, and we believe a company should show hawkish support to its community. Imagine if every home service provider put local economies first. We would see a stronger, more prosperous Sonoma County, with higher quality of life, better service, more tax dollars to be invested into community infrastructure, and a tighter knit, happier community.  

Our employees have roots in Sonoma County. They're not sending their money back to family abroad or traveling for gig work. They know this place, and love this place. They shop here, live here, and pay taxes here.

We ditched the national distributors and big box stores, and buy only from CA owned, or independently owned distributors and material yards.  Additionally, we have found these materials to be consistently higher quality and handled more carefully, even from the same brands. We bank with a local credit union, rely on mom & pop machine shops and mechanics to keep our equipment in shape, as well as independent tax and acconting professionals off the jobsites. It all stays here! 

Compare all you want - You will find lower quotes, but they cannot, in good faith, guarantee the aforementioned three key tenets for the same low price. 


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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