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Water Is Life - Call The Best! 



Jewish-Israili farmers created the first drip systems in the 1970s, growing bigger crops than anyone thought possible in a harsh arid climate. American gardeners adopted drip in the 1990s, reaping the same efficiency benefits in ornamental gardens. But these benefits only exist if the system is properly installed and maintained. Otherwise, it's an endless money pit! 

Owner Sam sought out formal education from irrigation industry leaders, which he has passed on to many a client and trainee. His connections with local supply yards and pro supply reps ensure he gets the professional hardware clients deserve. You won't find the good stuff at Ace or Lowe's. 

It's a shame the drip system gets a bad reputation for being high maintenance and flimsy. Let's show you how it's done.


Overhead sprinklers have evolved fast to last longer and run better. Leak free bodies, rotator heads, and weather sensing sprinkler timers are standard fare with Winglewich.

 You can have a beautiful lawn without  feeling guilty.


The most common failures? Weak risers and poor coverage. Cheap risers break and leak, our flexible risers bend and endure.

Spacing is crucial - if sprinklers lack "head to head coverage" with each sprinkler spraying onto another, the lawn will appear blotchy and burnt in certain areas.

A good sprinkler system should endure for decades, and we can show you on paper how much money and water use you'll save based on upgrades we offer. Ask us how! 

subsurface drip.jpg


Lawn with no sprinklers? Drip with no leaks? A system that stays hidden but runs efficiently? Surely it sounds impossible.


 Inline Drip, often known by the brand name Techline, can be installed underground (if copper emitters are equipped) or above ground. It installs in half the time, is virtually maintenance free, and resists foot traffic, root damage, and animal damage, making it perfect for commercial or public places. 

We are subsurface experts. We have special tools and access to calculation software from the manufacturer. If you want the latest and longest lasting drip systems available, reach out to Winglewich Landscape Contracting today. 

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