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 Pave The Way. 

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Well Done 
For Anyone!

For The Sensible.

Brushed Concrete

The classic broom finished concrete. Tough, affordable and goes with any look. Rebar and baserock come standard - The more, the better. Clients choose this product for large, utility areas, especially when vehicles or the differently abled will be occupying the area.

For The Journey.

Mortared stepping stones 

We like to mortar our stones down to a nice thick layer of baserock - never trip on a wobbly stone again. Suitable for light use and decorative use areas,  stepping stones can be shale, sandstone, slate, round, irregular, or square. We are the only company in the county with a specialized mortar recipe we designed for the task. 

For The Wine Country.

Decomposed Granite 

 Imported from Australia, this gritty, grainy surface gives an organic, mediterranean feel to any area. Drive on it, walk on it, or sit on it - Decomposed Granite is as versatile as it is affordable. But, it can get messy. Use a sealer - or keep it far from your carpet. 

For Generations.

Interlocking Pavers

The draw with interlocking pavers is their long term ownership ease. If concrete breaks, the whole pad must come out. If a paver snaps or sinks, it can be fixed with sand and hand tools. Endlessly customizable and essentially timeless, there are pavers for almost any taste or use.

For The Artful.

Flagstones ($35-???/sf)

This is the most custom, most cost variable hardscape we know of. Every stone is cut by hand and carefully placed before being mortared or sanded in place. Flagstones are rare and valuable, and each job is a little bit different. There truly is nothing like an artisanal flagstone project for footpaths and patios. 

For The Boondocks. 

Aggregates ($2-10 per sf)

Paving isn't always the best option, especially in rugged locales.  An earth conscious urbanite path, a ruddy old-world driveway or walkway, or a blue-chip or granite gravel area could be just the ticket. These range pretty wildly on access and labor, so it's best to explore a few materials options. 

"A pleasure to work with. Super reliable and reasonable. Really good at listening and working with changing requirements and constraints."

Jill, Sebastopol - Google Reviews

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